Hot Glue

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Product Features:
  • Intelligent Machine PLC control with Color touch Screen 7.5/12.5 Inch for Data logging.
  • Powerful Motion controller used to control servo to achieve very high cut length accuracy of +/-0.1 mm from 0-600 BPM very low glue consumption per label of approx. 0.02/0.03 gm.
  • Interactive intelligence by means of a huge TFT Color touch screen with all necessary alerts via real time clock & trouble shooting the Cutter/Vacuum drum/Glue roller assembly forms the heart of this machine and made very accurately on CNC machines.
  • Multi models to serve any package size from 200 ml to 3000 ml.
  • Extremely cost saving/attractive labels for industries with high productivity
  • Machine is well guarded with all the door safeties and with an option of up / down, state of the art open able guards with all safeties for rotary Labelers.
Cutter & Glue Roller:
  • The Cutter is made up of a rotary blade as well as a stationary blade,made of high carbon steel and duly hard ended for long life, it cuts the label like a scissor from top to bottom but while setting we have to set it from bottom to top. The glue roller assembly consists of a stainless steel knurled roller, this gives a glue pattern to both the label ends, its speed is duly synchronized with the Vacuum drum to form a uniform glue pattern.
Bottle Handling Unit:
  • The hot glue unit consists of a geared pump with a teflon coated tank which melts the glue, which is later pumped to the hot glue roller assembly by means of a heated delivery hose, the extra glue returns to the tank by means of a heated returnhose. Incase of rotary machines bottle are handled very accurately by means of a centering turret and top spring pressure unit.
The Label Roll:
  • The Label is in form a roll of approx. 700 to 800 millimeters in diameter.
  • A print mark determines the label length. Label is made from BOPP material and has to be static free with the right surface energy. The Vacuum drum is a specially made of an Aluminum alloy with the full machining done on the CNC machines to maintain the accuracy as this is the heart of the labeller.
  • We provide wide range of roll feed hot melt label applicators having a speed range of 15 to 600 bottle per min.
  • The machine range consists of Rotary as well as linear machines which are used for labeling Mineral water, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Oil, Energy Drinks, Ready to drinks
  • products, Juices, Ketchup ,Squashes and a wide variety of such products in Bottles which are made of PET, GLASS ,HDPE or any other composition.
  • The labels can be BOPP or Paper also.

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