90 BPM Water Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

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Machine Specification
  • Rinser top plate made of SS 304
  • Bottle Gripper mounted with UHMWPE bracket
  • Bottle grippers are made of SS 304 with machining for CNC machine.
  • Rinser jet valve body is made of SS 304.
  • The Opening of the rinsing nozzle is the bottle place over the rinsing jet and turned at 180 degree by a mechanical cam
  • Bottle rinsing with liquid recovery for Re-Use.
  • No Bottle no Rinsing arrangement.
  • Gravity filling mechanism suitable for room temperature.
  • Tank is made of SS 316 with internal polished mirror Finish.
  • The Filling nozzle is SS 316 & SS 304.
  • No Bottle No Fill arrangement
  • The Filling Nozzle seals are made of Food Grade Silicon rubber.
  • The Bottle gripper is made of SS 304.
  • Lift Cylinder are made of LM6 Aluminum with PB Material.
  • No Change over parts to fill the bottle from 100ml to 2000ml.
  • Fast and accurate filling valves.
  • The Level of Filling tank is Controlled by Solenoid Valves
  • Capping section suitable for application of screw on caps
  • Hopper for mechanical cap feeder passes the caps into distributors chute.
  • Sensors are provided which detect the caps in the chute.
  • Individual Cap washing arrangement is fitted on chute.
  • No Bottle No Cap system is provided.
  • Accurate torque setting for capping head.
Salient Features
  • Imported Gear Box (Italy) Bonfiglioli.
  • Variable Speed Through Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Clutch and Break System provided to prevent Damages to the Machine.
  • Detachable Control Panel.
  • Easy Maintenance & Servicing Space in Machine.

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