24 BPM Water Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

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Rfc series machineries a fully automatic multi function combined machine integrating washing filling & capping into single body. This machine is equipped with advanced man machine interfacial control technology with all necessary automation. It works hanging neck holding method hence very convenient bottle change over.

Bottle in feed & rinsing section

The in feed star wheel has spring loaded neck gripper finger which compensates for minor variation in bottle neck diameter. The bottle fed by Air conveyor Are picked by fixed size neck star neck and transferred between grip finger .This eliminates the need of feed worm & change parts for different size of bottle diameter.

The neck spiders transfer the bottle on to rinsing turret which neck gripping finger to carry the bottle around rinsing. Two nos. spray nozzle wash for proper wash to bottle. Washing turret is working with synchronised mechanism system. 

Filling & capping section

Duly Rinsed and drained bottle are again move on filling star plate filling star plate also work with synchronise giniva mechanism. Four stage filling system with electric solenoid valve with timer base filling. Vibratory bowl unit for Auto cap placement.

Technical specification
  •   Capacity    :-1200 to 1400  Bottle per hour ( Depend upon filling volume)
  •   Motor         :- 2 H.P. / 1440 Rpm/ 3 phase/ 4 wire system(for main drive)
  •   Motor (for Airblower)  :-  1.0 H.P. single phase /2800Rpm/
  •   Motor( Forconveyor)   :- 0.5 H.P./1440 Rpm/ 3 phase/ 4 wire sys.
  • Motor (capping)             :-0.5 H.P./1440 Rpm/ 3 phase/ 4 wire sys.
  • Motor(cap. Elevator       :-0.5 H.P./1440 Rpm/ 3 phase/ 4 wire sys
  • Bottle size                       :- 500 ml to 2000 ml.
  • Infeed Conveyour          :- 5 Feet    ( Air Blower conveyour)
  • Output conveyour           :-12 Feet  ( S.S. Slat conveyour)
  • Washing station             :-2  station
  • Filling station                  :- 4 station

Note- Air compressor  provide by you . (3 HP air compressor) Other wise it should be extra cost.

Salient  Feature
  • Rotary  neck holding
  • Air blow conveyor on the in feed
  • Slat belt conveyor on the out feed with the AC drive and inspection table with lighting system.
  • No bottle no fill  system
  • Speed control by AC drive
  • Can handle all bottle size ranging 500 ml to 2000 ml.
  • Totally hygienic bottling
  • Compatible with online shrink tunnel machine .
  • Vibratory bowl for cap feeding autometc.
Shrink  Tunnel
Salient  Feature
  • Easy  to  operate
  • Virtually  no  Maintenance
  • Low  Power  Consumption
  • Electronic  Digital Temprature Controller
  • High Efficiency  Heaters
  • Suitable for pet pvc &  LDPE  Film
  • Fixed / Variable  Conveyor speed
Technical Specification
  • Length of Passage                        30 inch
  • Width of Passage                         06 inch
  • Height of Passage                        14 inch
  • Temperature                               70 c to 250 c
  • Material                                      PVC &  LDPE
  • Power load (Heater)                    03 kv / 440 v

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